"After a terrifying five-hour struggle through Unimak Pass with the pounding sea, and snow so heavy we couldn't see if we were headed for the rocks or in clear water, it cleared all at once, as quickly as it had descended upon us. We were almost becalmed on a quiet sea with just big, lazy, rolling swells. Joe roared, 'We are in the Bering Sea.'"

Arctic Ice - A Novel of Adventure in the Polar Region!

I am really excited to bring this long, untold story to the public. In spite of being classed as a historic novel, Arctic Ice is 95% true. Several years ago, my friend and neighbor James G. Blackwell handed me a 20,000 word narrative. This document was in the form of a deep-water sailor's memories, written in journal form in 1932, about his adventure set in 1904-1906. We decided to make the manuscript into a novel. We changed the name of the ship and its crew, though the actual ship still appears in the book. I began research on the people, ships, and incidents mentioned in the journal, adding more detail. James was getting on in years so I told him I would get the book published no matter what. I was still doing research when he died at the age of 85, but I continued working to complete the book, now tripled in length. Arctic Ice - A Novel is now available to the public. You can learn about the Arctic with Tim, the sailor, as he goes on his fascinating voyage to the cold northern seas. Join the officers and crew of the schooner, Mary Aileen, and live this adventure of a century ago.

Maryann Butterfield, February 2006

"From the Barbary Coast to Alaska, the Bering Sea and Siberia, Arctic Ice expertly captures the feelings and observations of a sailor on his first trip to this frozen wonderland way, way up North. Presented as a journal in straightforward language, it weaves an engrossing tale of traders, whalers, explorers and Eskimos going about their fascinating lives a century ago."
    -Fawne Mallory, Novelist

"Meticulously researched, written as if the speaker were in the room with you, but be sure to have a sweater handy when you read this account of a winter spent frozen in."
   -Judith A. Rogow, Journalist and Researcher

"Here's the Far North that tourists wish they could see but so rarely do - walruses, polar bears and the Northern Lights descending like neon curtains; and although we wouldn't want to be sailing with the narrator when the winter turns his trading vessel into 'an ice ship with crystal rigging,' we can read the book, imagine it and almost believe we're there. I thoroughly enjoyed Arctic Ice."
   -Donna McCrohan Rosenthal, Travel Writer

"An admirable effort and a unique collaboration between Blackwell and Butterfield to tell this forgotten tale of Arctic history."
   -Terrence Cole, Professor of History, University of Alaska

"Has all the flavor of an old salt's yarn in a waterfront dive. I smell the rum on its breath."
   -Dennis Peitso, Master Mariner and Schoonerman

Artic Ice is based on a sailor's journal and intense research. This historical fiction novel recounts some of the history of San Francisco in 1904 and 1906, including the Barbary Coast with its saloon brawls, illicit shipping activities, and the 1906 earthquake and its aftermath. It also covers 18 months of a voyage by a trading schooner to the Beaufort Sea above the Arctic Circle, which includes information on the ships and captains of the whaling fleet which was locked in ice over the winter of 1905-1906. Other topics include Arctic storms, native (Eskimo) culture, animals (whales, walrus, polar bears, reindeer), Roald Amundsen's Northwest Passage, kidnappings and murder. For further information contact the author, Maryann Butterfield, at Ghostwolf Enterprises (Ghostwolf_Enterprises@ridgenet.net)

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Alexander (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Bear (revenue cutter), Healy's Puk Umiak - Healy's Fire Canoe; Beluga (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Belvedere (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Bonanza (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06 ship-wrecked]; Bowhead (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Charles Hanson (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Corwin (revenue cutter) [originally Thomas Corwin]; Drumcraig (orient trader); Gjöa (explorer) [pronounced Goo-ya] [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Herman (Morning Star in 1903) (whaler); Jeannette (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Karluk (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Narwhal (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Olga (trader) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; Thetis (revenue cutter); Thrasher (whaler) [Iced in over-winter 1905-06]; William Baylies (whaler); a tramp steamer named the Harold Dollars 1906; exploring vessel called the Duchess of Bedford scientist Leffingwell 1906; schooner Monterey 1906; Polar Bear; German sea raider, Wolf, barkentine Encore Roald Amundsen, Roald (1903-06 Gjöa) Northwest Passage; Hartson Bodfish, Hartson H Bodfish. (1900-03 Beluga, 1905 William Baylies); James Cook, James [or John Cook] A. (1903-06 Bowhead) [one voyage]; S. F. Cottle, S. F. (1905 Belvedere); R. J. Cumisky, R.J. [or J.A.] (1903 Thrasher, 1904-05 Beluga); M. Dannerig, M. (1904 Charles Hanson);D. F. Davoll, D.F. (1903 Belvedere); Oscar Hamlet, Oscar C. (Bear 1904-05); Alfred Healey, Alfred [Alfred Carlson] (witness); George Johnson, George (witness); Charles Klingenberg, Charles J. Klinkenberg (1905-06 Olga) [1906 Warrant for murder]; H. T. Knowles, H.T. (1904 Thrasher); George Leavitt, George B. (1902-1907 Narwhal); Jack London, Jack (writer, San Francisco area); William Macomber, William F. (1905 Thrasher); A. McCallum, A. (1902-1905 Drumcraig); A. H. McGregor, A.H. (1904-06 Karluk); James McKenna, James (1903-04 Olga, 1905 Charles Hanson); Frank Miller, Frank (witness); William Mogg, William, Billy Mogg (5/30/1903-wrecked by 8/23/1905 [one voyage]Bonanza, 1906-10/27/09 Olga wrecked by storm); E. W. Newth, E.W. (1903-05 Jeannett) [1906 warrant for Newth-kidnapping]; George Tilton George F. (1903 Herman, 1904 Belvedere); James Tilton, James A. (1903 Bowhead, 1903-05 Alexander); Francis Tuttle, Francis (Bear 1906); W. S. Varnum, W. S. (1904-1906 Herman); B. Whitney, B. (witness) Point Barrow, Wrangle Island, Herschel Island, Mackenzie Bay, Arctic Ocean, Minto Inlet, Banks Island, Spider Kelly, Joe Anderson, Spider Kelly's Dance Hall, prison in a town called Villingen southwest Germany, Aurora, Pribilof, Bogoslof, Aleutian, Unimak Island, Unimak Pass, seal, orca, Greely expedition, Greenland, Port Clarence, Prince Albert Land Prince Albert Island, Banks Land, Beufort Sea, Stokes Point, Circle City, Fort Yukon, Eagle City, Thetis Island, Cape Simpson, Diomedes Islands, Wainright Inlet, Point Lay, Cape Lisburne, Point Hope, Saint Lawrence Island, Saint Paul's Island, Dutch Harbor, Bogoslof Island, Kodiac Island