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This software supports Windows (2000/XP/Vista) in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Version 1.62 is the last version of Wilbur reported to work with Windows 98 – the current version does not. You will need a working OpenGL version 1.4 or later implementation, even if you do not use the 3D preview feature. A multi-core processor is recommended starting with version 1.63.

Changes in Version 1.83 of Wilbur [29 Jul 2014]

Changes in Version 1.82 of Wilbur [28 Jul 2014]

Changes in Version 1.81 of Wilbur [09 Jun 2014]

Changes in Version 1.80 of Wilbur [06 Sep 2012]

Changes in Version 1.79 of Wilbur [Unreleased]

Changes in Version 1.78 of Wilbur [29 Mar 2012]

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