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Each month, our web page columnist selects one web page to be the Web Page of the Month. All web pages are related to creation or evolution. Some favor creation, and some favor evolution. (You can tell which are which using our rating system.)

The past selections are listed below in reverse chronological order. Some links may have expired.

AprilCambridge University to Offer Degree in Creation Science
MarchWhy everything you’ve been told about evolution is wrong
FebruaryCan evolution and creation coexist?
JanuaryPolitics – and evolution – are oh so personal
DecemberCreationism vs. Evolution
NovemberCreationism vs. Evolution: Origins of a Controversy
OctoberComplete Creation, Alternavideo Productions & Genesis Week
SeptemberQuestion Evolution!
JulyApe Men or Hominids?
JuneEvolution or Creation
AprilThe Miraculous Evolution of the Giraffe
MarchCreation vs. Evolution
FebruaryBiology Teachers Reluctant to Endorse Evolution
JanuaryRefuting Evolution
DecemberHow to Talk to Your Kids About Evolution and Creation
NovemberThe American Scientific Affiliation: Creation and Evolution
OctoberThe Battle of Beginnings: Why Neither Side is Winning the Creation-Evolution Debate
SeptemberWhat is the Jewish view on Evolution and the age of the universe?
AugustViewpoints on Evolution, Creation, and Origins
JulyOrigin of Life
JuneEvolution: Fact or Fiction?
MayExtraterrestrial Life
AprilAre Evolutionists Fooling Us?
FebruaryCreation Science FAQ
JanuaryDefeating Darwinism
NovemberA Mathematician’s View of Evolution
OctoberThe Emperor Has No Clothes
SeptemberEvolution Chat Transcript
AugustWhy Creation Science?
JulyAncient Dinosaur Depictions
MayArgument Against Evolution
AprilTeach Creationism in Human Evolution
MarchCreation Vs. Evolution – A Feasibility Study
FebruaryCreation & Evolution
JanuaryTop Ten Darwin and Design News and Resources
DecemberMolecular History Research Center
NovemberMuseum of the Earth
OctoberCreation Insights
SeptemberThe Vanishing Case for Evolution
AugustAnswers In Genesis
JulySeeing Creation and Evolution in Grand Canyon
JuneTheory of evolution
MayExpelled: No Intelligence Allowed
AprilTop 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes
MarchPhilosophy/Liberal Studies 333: Evolution and Creation
FebruaryAmerican Scientific Affiliation
JanuaryEvolution Not ‘Just a Theory’, and Yes, Huckabee It Does Matter
DecemberCreationism vs. Evolution
NovemberCreation vs. Evolution
OctoberCreation vs. Evolution: What Our Children Need to Know
SeptemberCreationism and Baraminology Research News
AugustThe Watchmaker
July"Creation vs. Evolution": Is This a Sensible Question?
JuneEvolution News & Views
MayCreation Moments
AprilThe Big Debate
MarchDarwin's God
FebruaryWelcome to the Creation Science Movement
JanuaryCreation-Evolution Headlines
DecemberCreation News
NovemberScientists Endorse Candidate Over Teaching of Evolution
OctoberThe Myth Collapses: The Theory of Evolution
SeptemberCreation & Evolution
AugustThe Case for Creationism…
JulyCreationism vs. Science
JuneDevelopmental Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago
MayThe Panda’s Thumb
MarchPublic Divided on Origins of Life
FebruaryHow Could Sex Evolve, and Why?
JanuaryKitzmiller v. Dover Area School District
DecemberEvolving into a Tricky Exhibit
NovemberDiscerning Secular Media Bias and Errors in Reporting on the Creation Versus Evolution Issue
OctoberThe Best Intelligent Design vs Evolution Debate on the Web
SeptemberFormation of the Moon
AugustThe Evolution-Creation Struggle
JuneJustices Brennan & Scalia Debate Creation Science
MayCreation vs. evolution
MarchCreation ex Nihilo
FebruaryCreation Science FAQ
JanuaryCreation vs. Evolution Debate
DecemberEvolution versus Creationism: What’s New
NovemberThe Evolution of Truth
OctoberExploring Constitutional Conflicts: The Evolution Controversy
SeptemberBeyond the "Evolution vs. Creation" Debate
AugustIntelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Club
JulyThe Revolution Against Evolution
JuneScientific Facts and Evolution
MayCSR Creation Science Resource
AprilCRSEF -- Creation Research, Science Education Foundation
MarchCreation vs. Evolution
FebruaryLinks to Information Relating the Biblical Doctrine of Creation and the Scientific Theory of Evolution
JanuaryThe Ten Big Questions
NovemberEvolution Is Dead
SeptemberThe Creation/Evolution Debate
AugustCreation Science Movement
JulyCreation-Cataclysm and Macro-Evolution
JuneNSTA Position Statement on the Teaching of Evolution
MayCreation vs. Evolution Web Page
AprilCreation vs. Evolution II Site Quiz
MarchCreation Science Defense
FebruaryCreation vs. Evolution
JanuaryThe Bible Physics Project
DecemberUndergraduate Research Guide: Evolution vs. Creationism
OctoberEvolution: Fact or Fiction?
SeptemberThe Ultimate Creation vs. Evolution Resource
AugustThe Creation/Evolution Debate
JulyA Brief Analysis of the Scientific/Natural Laws and Phenomena Undermining Current Theories of Evolution and the Origins of Life.
JuneNational Association for Objectivity in Science
MayDragons and Nicors: A Mythical Fantasy or Fact?
AprilCreation and Evolution Links
MarchThe Main Theories of Origins
JanuaryThe Moon...Created or Evolved?
DecemberSue at the Field Museum
NovemberEvolution 101
OctoberCreation vs. Evolution
SeptemberThe Human Origins Program Resource Guide to Paleoanthropology
AugustNational Center for Science Education
JulyAmazing Discoveries (Discoveries in Evolution)
JuneWhy Do You Believe In Evolution?
MayIn the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood
AprilGod and Man in Oz
MarchMy Life After Darwin
FebruaryCosmic Ancestry
JanuaryCreation/Evolution Reference Database
DecemberAmerican Atheists
NovemberThe True.Origin Archive
OctoberCommentaries on Evolution
SeptemberThe Earth is NOT Billions of Years Old!
AugustCreation vs. Evolution: The Gap Theory Explained
JulyCreation vs. Evolution at Downe
JuneCreation Worldview Ministries
MayGenesis Network
AprilAAAS Evolution Resources
MarchThe Origins Solution
February50 Reasons to Leave Your Faith
JanuaryCREATION vs. EVOLUTION--The "Other" Choice
DecemberEvolution Through The Dimensions Of Time & Space--Religion or Science: Which ONE is right?
NovemberCreation vs. Evolution
OctoberThe Theory of Evolution, The Origin of Life and Intelligent Design
SeptemberReaction to the Kansas State Board of Education Vote
AugustCreation Science FAQ
JulyThe Biotic Message
JuneScience and Creationism
MayCreation vs. Evolution
AprilWhy I Disbelieve Evolution
MarchA Defense of Creationism
FebruaryMcLean v. Arkansas Board of Education
DecemberCreation Science
NovemberThe Talk.Origins Archive
OctoberThe Creation Concept Report on the Firmament
SeptemberA Created Solar System
AugustThe Seed of the Universe
JulyBiblical Creation Society Home Page
JuneBig Problems with Creation "Science"
MayThe HST Key Project to Measure the Hubble Constant
AprilTeno's Creation Page
MarchScientific Proofs of God
FebruaryAnother Viewpoint on Grand Canyon Geology
JanuaryRelativist Apologetics: The Future of Creationism
DecemberThe Origin of Life
NovemberCreation Connection
OctoberThe Ultimate Creation/Evolution Web Site
SeptemberDarwin & Wallace, Evolution & Creation
AugustOrigins of Humankind
JulyThe Main Points about Creation/Evolution
JuneCreation vs. Evolution
MayThe Evolutionary Tales
AprilChristianity and Science
MarchCreation Evidences
FebruaryDragons in Paradise
JanuaryThe Origins Solution
DecemberCreation & Evolution
NovemberCreation, Evolution or Intervention?
OctoberHandy Dandy Evolution Refuter

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